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Video: Toyota uses IQ minicar to help improve Google Street View

iq google street view

Google Street View vehicles have logged millions of miles in an effort to display video of every street imaginable, but unfortunately the G-Mobile is too big for a few European roads. But instead of leaving the thin and narrow out of Street View, Team Google has employed the diminutive Toyota iQ onto the smallest streets in Belgium to to go where Google Street View previously could not travel.

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SEMA: Scion iQ Pit Boss by Cartel and iQ-MR by Tatsu are a wild bunch

Scion iQ Pit Boss by Cartel

Scion has turned its newest model, the iQ, over to some of the most ambitious tuners in the U.S. for SEMA 2011, and the results do not disappoint. Cartel has gone crazy with the company's miniscule hatchback by turning it into a wild paddock service vehicle. With storage for tools and tires as well as a custom chop-top design, the Cartel Scion iQ Pit Boss is unlike anything else on the show floor. We're not sure what we like best; the earth-shaking stereo system or the ever-ready impact driver in the center console.

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Toyota, Tesla Resurrect the Electric RAV4

Toyota and Tesla Motors are going back to the future to update the RAV4 EV, essentially resurrecting an excellent electric vehicle the Japanese company killed seven years ago.

The two companies announced today that they will develop the vehicle with a goal of producing it in 2012, bringing cheers from EV advocates thrilled by the return of a vehicle they adore.

It’s a brilliant move for everyone involved. Toyota, which has so far been lukewarm about EVs, gets something on the road quickly and cheaply. And Tesla gets its drivetrain in more vehicles and its name in more headlines.

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Toyota-Tesla Prototype Expected This Year

We’ll see a prototype of the first electric vehicle to be born of the Toyota-Tesla marriage by the end of the year.

Or not.

Kyodo News, citing unnamed sources within Toyota, says the two companies will develop a prototype in the coming months. Engineers from Toyota met their counterparts from Tesla earlier this month to discuss the project. They will check the reliability of the batteries to be used in the vehicle and see if the computer control system will work during the developmental period.

“We want to fit Toyota’s existing model with Tesla’s batteries” in the development, an unidentified Toyota executive said, according to Kyodo.

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Autopia WTF? Detroit Auto Show EV Caption Contest


DETROIT — The Toyota FT-EV II looks like an Imperial stormtrooper helmet and has steampunk-inspired controls. But the coolest thing about it is it shows the French aren’t the only ones who occasionally drop acid when designing concept cars.

Toyota brought the wild “What if…” electric car to the North American International Auto Show after unveiling it a few months ago at the Tokyo auto show. It was our first chance to see the car, and it left us scratching our heads.

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Frankfurt Preview: Lexus LF-Ch joins Toyota Auris Hybrid, plug-in Prius and two iQ concepts

Lexus LF-Ch concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

With just a few weeks left before the Frankfurt Motor Show kicks off in high gear, Lexus has decided its high time to let loose a single teaser image of its hotly anticipated hybrid hatchback concept. The C-Segment model carries the LF-Ch designation and not the recently trademarked CT nameplate as first thought, making us wonder if there's something else up the automaker's corporate sleeve in the near future.

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